Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

This is part of my Mirabilia Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea. I have changed the colors of the mermaids as you can see. I think it is really easy to do: change the colors from what it is called for and colors that you would like to do. First, you pull the floss colors that the pattern calls for. You line them up from the darkest to the lightest. Then you go to the DMC floss card and pick out the color family you want to use. The purple mermaid is from the 550 family. The blue mermaid is from the 156 family. You match them against the colors that it calls for and you put the new color number by the symbol in the chart. I also like to use overdyed floss for the hair. I don't like to change colors for the hair every stitch or two, so if I like the color of the hair then I look to find a overdyed floss that is close to those colors in the hair, I especially like the Needle Necessities. Or, if I don't like the color of the hair and I think another color would look better, I look through the overdyed floss that I have and choose from there. I also do not like to blend like alot of the patterns call for, like, take 1 strand of one color and one strand from another color and put them together. What I do is go back to my overdyed floss and pick a color that is close to those colors suggested. I also like to add beads to my work. More beads ususally then what is called for. I think it gives the pattern a better look. I like to go to bead stores and look for special beads that I think will look good on a pattern.


Rebecca said...

I have really got to do a Mirabilia one of these days! They are absolutly gorgeous! GREAT WORK!!!

Ginnie said...

I have only just discovered Mirabilia (even though I'm not new to Cross stitching!) I love the ones you are working on, inspiring me more to "have a go!". I have seen the Poppy and fancy doing that first as I love red..... too many nice ones to decide!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Welcome to the land of blogging. Bliss directed me to you. I love how you changed the colors on the mermaids. I'm stitching this is in the colors that it calls for but your's is just stunning. I'll be back to visit ;)

wichitastitcher said...

Hi Rebecca:
I just love Mirabilia patterns, I have just about all of them. I especially like the Mermaid patterns.
Hi Ginnie
Please start a Mirabilia pattern, you won't be disappointed. I have never been disappointed in one.
Hi Itching:
I changed the colors on the MODBS for they were too close to the Emerald Mermaid so I thought each mermaid also was an individual so I decided to make them each a different color.