Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday- June 9th,2008

Woke up to another dreary morning. I am getting so sick of these electrical storms. With the grey skies, I can't seem to get my engine going. I have so much to do. This friday, June 13th, my oldest daughter, Sara is graduating! She finally got her GED. I am so proud of her. I always knew she would get it one day, I think I was the only one in the family that did think that. But it doesn't matter, for I was RIGHT! LOL! Chris, Meegan and Marlee are coming up this Thursday to be there and visit with both sides of family. I can't wait! They live in Plano, Texas so I don't get to see them very often. Marlee will turn one year on July 6th! Can't believe it! But I didn't believe it when Chris and Meegan surprised us two Christmases ago, that they were expecting! They had been married for 9 yrs already and no inkling of ever having kids. I had told me friend just two days before that I didn't think Chris and Meegan were ever going to have kids. Well, you know the old saying, NEVER say NEVER!!
Chris and Meegan bought a new washer and dryer the ones that stack up one on the other,so they are bringing their washer and dryer for us! Can't wait! No more taking our wash over to my brothers to do. But with them coming up, I have to clean this house up real good!
I still have alot of mom's needlework that I brought over since she passed last February. God I miss her so much, she was my best friend. I still find myself crying every day because she is gone. Everything around me reminds me of her. They say, Time heals but I don't think so, not with my mother.
I brought over her Armouir (sp) I like it for I have my containers for my Needle Necessities on the top shelf and my DVD sets on the second shelf. I also have my plastic containers that have my knitting projects in them, I have 4 of them in there. I am a startaholic in both knitting and cross stitching. And proud of it! I can't work anymore, so needlework has kept me sane so what is the harm? There are 3 drawers and one contains my undies, one has my nightgowns and the other has my odds and ends for my needlework.
Then I have mom's old hutch, so I have all my magnetic boards in it that I use with my counted cross stitch, I put the pattern on the magnetic board with magnetic strips to keep my place. I find that is most useful to me, I don't mark off my pattern unless it is a Heaven and Earth design or a Mystic Stitch design. Plus it seems it has been a catch all for my many shawl knitalongs that I have signed up for. Plus it has my container for my needlepaints which I love to use in my cross stitching. Plus alot of other cross stitch items I use. I have a big storage container in my kitchen with 6 shelves that holds my plastic containers for each of my 28 WIP cross stitch projects that I have going on at this time. Plus my extra floss plastic containers.
I am going to work today to get some kind of order in my room. Not a small accompolishment seeing all the stuff I have to get organized LOL

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