Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Scarlet Letter group on Facebook

Scarlet Letter group on Facebook is having a Millenium frame giveaway. 
For a chance to win this wonderful frame, you must become a member of the group. Plus, spread the news of the giveaway.

Also, go to Victorian Motto, she is having a drawing everyday for either floss, patterns or fabric. I did Lizzie Kate Let Them be Small all using her floss and I love her floss.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Victorian Motto is having a thread giveaway

Victorian Motto is having a floss giveaway!!!! Woohoo!

Each winner will receive the whole set. 1600 yards, 80 skeins, 20 yards each! I ship world wide.

So go to Victorian motto at :

Right Now!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Updating my blog

It has been a long time since I have done anything to my blog and I have decided it has been long enough. I have finished quite a lot of projects since my last entry. 

I still like Mirabilia, but a few have joined Mirabilia since then. 
One of them is With thy Needle and Thread. I have recently went to Silver Needle in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  If you haven't been there, you MUST go sometime! When you walk in, you are hit with:
WHERE DO I START? Literally! I walked out after paying of course, 4 patterns of With thy Needle and Thread, 1 pattern of Stacy Nash and 1 pattern from Primitive Traditions. 

I like With thy Needle and Thread so much, I started a Facebook Group! If you would like to be a member, just look on Facebook and hit join. 

Stacy Nash has lately increased my liking of her patterns. I like how she has seasoned themes to her patterns. Like I just bought Sampler of the Season - Winter, I have summer and spring also. 

Wiehenburg patterns I have always loved. I have quite a few of them. Currently, I am working on Wiehenburg Coat of Arms, it is drop dead beautiful pattern. Personally, I do not like doing monochromatic patterns so as all my friends who know me........
I change colors!  It is not that I don't like the designers choice of colors for their designs, I like to make the pattern my own!
So far Coat of Arms has 3 colors I may keep to those 3 colors or I may  add more. 
I, Janine Smith and Tickled Pink has created a Facebook group called Stitchers of Wiehenburg Cross Stitch and Needlepoint. Martina is branching into Needlepoint and they are beautiful. 
If  you would like to be a member , just look it up on facebook and apply. 

Another designer that I like is, Gigi patterns! I have her Sampler of Saxony that I have started and I love it. I have also bought her Rose Wreath Sampler. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Victorian Motto is having a Valentine Day giveaway!

             Go to Victorian Motto. com and sign up for her Valentine's Day
giveaway!  Her floss is phenomenal and it is very reasonable in cost. Not
only that, there is plenty of different colors, there is more yardage then the
usual overdyed floss that is out. Plus, she has trims, buttons, and patterns!

I just noticed that it has been almost a year since I have updated my blog.
I think it is due for an update so look in the near future of the updated

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Victorian Motto is giving away floss

May 22,2013- I was just on  Victorian Motto blog, and she is giving a summer floss give away! I have bought some of her floss in the recent past and I love her floss. The yardage and  price is VERY reasonable. So go to her website and check it out.

Also I have started Rosewood Manor Winter Quaker and I have finished pages one and two. Below is a pic of my progress. I love to stitch as everyone knows but I love stitching on this pattern. I am doing it on Picture This Plus Doubloon.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Victorian Motto

Is at it again! She is having another drawing, I just love her floss that she dyes and it is so reasonable and you get alot! What are you waiting for? Go to


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Fund Drive for Cancer

I was  on Victorian Motto site and I think I hit Karma. My friend Jody, was told today that her sister who has cancer was not expected to live very much longer. She left work, packed a bag to make the long trip to California. She did not make it in time, I got the news early this evening that her sister had passed.
Read this and if you can help at all, please do

The fundraiser......I have been chatting with Gaynor (Stitcheranon) and she explained her bout with breast cancer last year. She has a personal web site for The Irish Cancer Society fundraiser....and in her words I will let her explain to you.

"The trek is organised by the Irish Cancer Society. It is a sponsored event and in order to take part we each need to raise 3200 euros. The Trek is quite heavy going, up a lot of mountains and it follows the famous Pilgramage walk, I will be walking the last 116 km to Santiago de Compestalla. This page has all the details.

I started walking under the advice of my oncologist: keeping active helps to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. I was hoping to walk in ireland but the roads are very dangerous: too dangerous for a woman walking alone. I will be walking in a group for the trek which makes it much safer.

The money on the fundraising page ALL goes to the Irish Cancer Society. Any donations which come to me personally are again, ALL handed to the Irish Cancer Society: I obtain receipts which are given to the donors."

What I would like to do for Gaynor (I have already sent her lots of trims to finish the items she is selling to raise money)

is to donate to her for the next three months to help her on her trek. I will donate the profits (after material costs) on the best selling kit for each month. Of course I urge you to donate directly on her fundraiser page too.

I have 4 new kits and I will be adding more each week. I have some nice red checked kitchen goodies that will be done soon (a whole basket of red goodies!) well as blue checks and stripes and black and tan. Lets start with the first one: Treasured Friend. I changed my pattern a little to fit this heart.

Please visit Victorian Motto site at

Cancer is not just an American disease, it is a world disease.

Paula Shelgren