Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Victorian Motto

There is a great blog  Victorian Motto. She sells charts, floss, ribbon etc. you should check it out. My friend, Judy Starkey told me about her and I have seen some of her floss and it is at a really reasonable cost!   20yds for only $2.00  You should check it out!

the addy for it is http://victorianmottosamplershoppe.blogspot.com/

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have been so busy with needlework since my last update in February. I am a serial starter and  proud of it!

I have started HAED Sistine Chapel, I am doing it as a SAL with the Yahoo group Over Oners, which I should state the members are so friendly and helpful, and a few of them I must say are enablers. I won't name names. LOL (For I have been known as an enabler myself!). I now have 27 HAED patterns.
Will I get them all done? No, am I worried about that? No. I am doing what I like to do, buy patterns and start patterns that I like, if I get them done fine, if not, fine too.
Here is a pic of all 200 stitches of my Sistine Chapel.

I did finish Butternut Road Earth Dancer of which I think, is my oldest UFO that I had. I am giving it to my daughter Shanya. It is at my LNS Heart's Desire now getting framed. I will  post a pic of it when I get it back. I also have Mirabilia Queen Mermaid there also getting framed. That will make 3 Mirabilia Mermaids that will be on one of my wall's in the frontroom. Eventually I will have a mermaid wall composed of all the Mirabilia mermaids.

I am close to finishing LHN North Wind. I am doing it on PTPlus Ancient. I love that fabric. I love LHN patterns, I have quite a few of them. Here is a pic of the almost finished piece. The snowflakes and snow are going to be done with beads.

I have also been working on BBD Wild Garden, I love the pattern, love the colors but I do not like the fabric that came with it.

I am on page 3 of Wiehenburg Coat of Arms. I love their patterns. I do not know why my computer has it in blues but I am doing it mostly in deep reds.

Here is  Cherished Stitches Halloween Quaker done on  PTPlus Discord. Marilyn asked me, "Are you sure you want to do Halloween Quaker  on Discord?" I told her, " Marilyn, who are you talking to?" " You know I am known for doing projects on fabric colors that are different from the norm".

After finishing Butternut Road Earth Gatherer, I thought to keep working on a old project as to one day, may finish all my old projects that I had started soooo many years ago. Here is Shepherd's Bush The Herb Gatherer, I have more done on it,but again my computer decided to leave the other part out and I am too lazy to rescan again LOL

For the last three years, I have been going to my LNS Heart's Desire retreat camp held every April. This year, the project was With Thy Needle and Thread, O' Be My Valentine. We painted these valentine candy boxes and decorated them with verses from music sheets, dictionaries, Bibles, added buttons, lace and it was really fun. I did  finish my box and stitched the pin cushion, I have as yet stitched the needle book but I will. Here is a pic of the pin cushion but not sewn up yet.

I am learning how to do the peyote stitch in beading. I have finished Grizzly for my son Matthew except for beading a strap so he can hang it on his rear view mirror of his car.

My next beaded project is for Sara and of course, it is going to be a Marilyn Monroe  piece.

LHN Moon and Stars done on PTPLus Fog, not sure if I like it on  Fog but will see when I get it finished. sorry about it being ragged.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl Sale at Picture This Plus and other rantings about counted cross stitch

This Saturday, February 4th, my friends , Judy Starkey, Deb Wolfe, Michelle and I are meeting in Abilene,Kansas for a day of shopping and stitching at our favorite hand dyed fabric shop, which happens to  be Picture This Plus. Pssssst ! They are having their  in-store Super Bowl sale - 25% off everything but jewelry  on Sunday, February 5th !  I can't wait! I have Needle Arts Guild of Wichita tomorrow from 10-3, then I go to Heritage Hut for my knitting group, then friday I am going to go to Advantage Beads to help my friend Margaret figure out how much fabric she needs for her projects when she drives up to Abilene so by keeping myself busy, saturday will get here before I know it!!!!!  
I want to get a fat 1/2 of 28 ct lugana Heritage so I can do Rosewood Manor's Past and Present


They are going to introduce their 6 new colors and I can't wait! I already have about 20 different pieces of their fabric, do I need more?    YES I DO !!!!!

I have been working on Mirabilia Bliss Fairy. I am working on her wings, I am doing the wings with a variety of DMC flower thread (which is discontinued) and Needle Necesssities (which is no more, now there is Threadworx which I love too!)

I have started Long Dog Samplers - Scarlet Riband which I plan to do it with various red overdyed floss.

I am working of Wiehenburg Samplers Coat of Arms which I am loving it!

I am also working on LHN Mayflower Landing- I love their patterns! I am almost done with that one.

I am almost finished with Butternut Road Earth Dancer- after picking it up again after a few years only to find the suede that was called for to do the fringe on the outfit just dissolved with the slightest of  touch, I decided to pick a overdyef floss to do the fringe with all over again, I have the fringe done, just have a little bit on the trees in the background to do and then look over it for missed stitches and places where a bead should be. I should be finished with that one in a week. Woohoo!

I am on part two of Birds of a Feather  mystery , I am doing it on Picture this plus Doubloon. I did not like the fabric that it called for, and for those that know me.......CHANGE !  was called for LOL
I have received so many compliments on doing it on Doubloon.

I started Mirabilia Mediterranean Mermaid on Picture This Plus Phantom and I love it!

On a crazy note: Come April 1st -  April Fool's Day I am going to start Heaven and Earth Designs - The Sistine Chapel!!!!  This is not a April Fool's joke! I am going to buy the pattern in a few days. I have already bought the fabric - 28 ct Ivory Lugana  I am going to work on it every sunday. I have designated sunday as HAED stitching day. Last sunday I almost put in 200 stitches on HAED St.Nick in his study.

I have also bought 28 ct. Lambswool Jobelan to do ByGone Stitches Quaker Christmas II on. I haven't even finished Quaker Christmas I yet! I am almost finished with page 5 of I, but I saw it, I had to have it LOL.

On a side note, not related to cross stitching at all I want to tell everyone----------------------------
I have knitted for almost 37 yrs and this is the first pattern that I could not understand the pattern. Thanks to Mary at Heritage Hut in Wichita, Ks with her help we decoded the pattern so I could finish it for my grandson Mason before he graduated from high school!!!!!

I am also working on Blackbird Designs Beneath the Sunlit Sky, I like it and I am halfway finished with it, but they wanted the house to be antique rose   REALLY? NO WAY !!!!!  I changed it DUH LOL

I am also working on Kustom Krafts Falcon 2, there are a lot of color changes to it so it is going slow but it will be a nice addtion to my Indian wall in my front room.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What I am up to now that it is 2012

I have joined the WIPapocalypse Challenge

I have joined the CrazyJanuary2012 Challenge

and there is a contest giveaway at

I will post more of what I am doing later!