Tuesday, March 24, 2009

updated pics that I have been working on 3/24/09

This is L&L Celtic Autumn. I am doing her on PTPlus Fathom I believe. I don't have the tag on it anymore,but I know it is PTPlus. I have changed the color of her hair for I think it goes better with the color of the fabric.

To the right is Mirabilia's Fairy Moon. I am doing the wings in two shades of overdyed floss. The material for it I bought years ago and I don't remember who is the maker but it is a plum colored evenweave fabric.

To the upper right is L&L Angel of the Morning. I am doing it on PTPlus Fossil. I love using the Needle Paints that is called for in this pattern

This is L&L Fairy Grandmother. I used grey overdyed floss for the hair. I am doing the wing section using flower thread. I think it gives it a better look for the wing part. Done on PTPlus French Lilac.

This is Mirabilia's Mermaid of Atlantis. I am only going to do the mermaid part of the pattern. I have changed the color of her hair, I have used overdyed floss in her hair also, the red are beads. Done on PTPlus Monster Mash.

This is L&L Dance of the Roses I do not particularly like yellow so I decided to change the colors in all of the design! Starting with the skirt part, I love the color 902 so I pulled all the colors in the 902 family and corresponded them with the colors called for in the skirt. The roses in the skirt are all different colors instead of all pink. Done on PTPlus Carnival.