Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some of my many,many WIP's

I have about 28 projects in the works. I am sure I have more if I went folder by folder in my two file cabinets that I have filled with patterns. I am about to start two more, Celtic Christmas by L&L which I signed up to do a SAL and Crystal Symphony by Mirabilia that my daughter, Shanya picked out saying she liked it. Only one project has a time limit on it and it is the one I am doing for my french friend, Claire Hupin for a charity project for a hospice. All the other projects that I have started is for myself,or anyone else that I would want to give it to, so it doesn't matter how many projects I start.
I especially like the Mirabilia Mermaids. I have the Emerald Mermaid already finished and hanging over my entertainment center in my front room, see the image up to the left.
I have 3 of the Mirabilia's just about all at the same point of work done on them.
Mirabilia Mermaid of the Deep Blue Sea which I changed the color of both mermaids. It called for the same color as the Emerald Mermaid but I thought it would look nice if they were both individualized so I changed one to purple in color and the other a dark blue in color.
The Queen Mermaid, I changed a color in the body of the mermaid, I made the purse like object that she is holding all in beads. I found some bigger heart shaped beads to match the color of the mermaid. I changed the color of the sheath on her also.
On Enchanted Mermaid, I changed the color of her hair, I found some beads that look like fish scales and I am going to use them when I get alittle further down on the fin.
I also have started Mermaid of Atlantis, which I am doing her on Monster Mash by Picture This Plus fabrics. I just love their fabrics, plus they are only about a 2 1/2 hr drive from where I live!
I have changed the color of hair on her.I didn't like how they had the hair color plus the stool like object in the picture the same color.
On the Angel of the New Dawn pattern, I didn't like the greens that it called for in her gown. They were the pucky lime greens and so I changed them to the 430 browns. I have her pic in the Mirabilia message board and have several good remarks on the color changes. I plan to use the colors called for in the garland that is around the angel.
Scent of Old Roses I did not like at first. I almost didn't do her, I was about to rip all the floss off of the fabric but a wise friend told me to,sit back, don't work on her for awhile and then go back and I did just that and now I like her. Didn't like at first the colors that was presented. I did change the perfume bottle that she is holding to beads. I have beads strung on a thread from her arms.

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