Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27th,2008 Topic: Beads

This is Plenty Coup. He was a real Indian, I added alot of beads to his indian dress. He was known to wear earrings so I went to Hobby Lobby and got some little rings and made the piece look like he was wearing earrings. I strung some beads on some thread and made it look like the piece was wearing a necklace. Most of the Indian dress was supposed to be thread but most of it was beads. The Indians were known for their beautiful beadwork. I actually did this pattern twice, I sold the first one to my boss at the time, and I liked doing him I did him again, even better this time!!!!
I like using the Mill Hill Beads, but it depends on the pattern. I am working on Enchanted Mermaid and on the pattern looks like fish scales and I found some beads that look like scales and I am anxious to try those beads when I get to that part in the pattern. Another pattern I am working on is the Queen Mermaid and in it along side on the body part I found some heart shaped beads the perfect size for where the beads go and it perfectly matched the green in the mermaid.
I like to use beads when a pattern has roses in it. I think adding beads make the roses stick out alittle more.
Personally I don't use the petite beads, I just don't like them,they tend to blend too much with the thread.
You have to watch that you don't use too many beads. Too many beads tends to weigh down your piece plus it gets the fabric out of sync. I tend to add the beads as I go, but that varies with the pattern.
Adding beads to your piece while you stitch is easy. You pull up your thread like you are going to start making your x, you add your bead and then go down like the first step in making a x, but with the bead you do not make the x.


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous Work!!!

Barb said...

That is beautiful! I have that pattern but haven't gotten up to taking it on yet. Maybe 10 years from now. Great blog you have here

Addicted to crafts said...

Your work is beautiful. Congrats.

Dawn B. said...

Very nice indian you did. Like the blog and Welcome to the blogging world.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work!

wichitastitcher said...

Thank you Rebecca for your kind words on my work.
Thanks Barb on your kind words on my blog. I am having fun with it.
Thanks addicted to crafts on the kind words on my work.
Thanks Dawn, I loved working on that Indian,he is my favorite of all my indian patterns that I have done.
thanks nopainforcakes on your kind words.