Friday, June 20, 2008

Overdyed thread

I love to use overdyed thread on my cross stitch. Every pattern that I do, at least has alittle overdyed floss in it. I can't help myself! I started with the Needle Necessities. I have over 100 different colors of those threads. I think they give the design a nice look. Plus, I hate to do a pattern that calls for blending. Take one strand of one color, and another strand of another color and put them together. When I come across that I go to my trusty overdyed floss and I pick a color that is close to what it calls for or if you are like me that changes just about every pattern I do, I pick a overdyed floss that I like and use that. Overdyed thread is perfect for hair in patterns. There are several color changes when you get to the hair in a pattern. If you use overdyed thread for the hair, you don't have that pain.

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